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Site Planning Workshop

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Site Planning Workshop

We are excited to announce that Charles Durrett, an architect and co-founder of the cohousing movement, will be leading a site planning workshop for East Van Cohousing's Duke Street site. With over 30 years of experience designing and developing cohousing communities across North America, Chuck brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to this workshop.

This workshop will focus on designing the site at Duke Street and will provide participants with the opportunity to work closely with Chuck to create a site plan for the community. 

The workshop will cover a range of topics, including:

  • Site planning principles and best practices
  • Creating a community vision and mission
  • Designing for sustainability and accessibility
  • Understanding zoning and building codes
  • Collaborative design processes and decision-making
  • Creating effective communication and decision-making structures within a community

Join us for this exciting opportunity to work with Chuck Durrett and help design the future home of East Van Cohousing at Duke Street.

This workshop is open to anyone who is interested in cohousing and sustainable living. Whether you are a seasoned cohousing enthusiast or just starting to explore this lifestyle, you are welcome to join us for this informative and inspiring event.

If you need childcare, please write us as you may be able to share child care with some of our existing parents.

The fee for the workshop is on a sliding scale from $600 to $1800, depending on your ability to pay. If you proceed with the project will count as double towards a future share purchase in the East Van Cohousing community. This workshop is an excellent opportunity to support the development of a new cohousing community and invest in your future home.

To register, please use this form and etransfer the registration fee to