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Sunday stroll in the neighbourhood and a bite to eat

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This Sunday from 3pm you are welcome to join us for the East Van Cohousing Neighbourhood Walk & Dinner @ The Tipper!

Join for the walk or dinner, or whichever part works for you.  RSVP so we can keep you updated as our plans progress.

For the walk, meet us at Gram Cafe & Pancakes at 2218 Kingsway at 3pm, grab a hot drink while we assemble.  We will walk around the neighbourhood near to our site, linking some of the local parks and community centres to get a better feel of the area and what it offers.

Dinner is at 5.45pm at The Tipper (2066 Kingsway) - caters for most diets and is fairly priced. 

We'll pick a walk together, on the day. It will be mainly flat on tarmac paths but there are some trails through some of the parks. It is forecast to be potentially rain so bring layers, comfortable walking shoes and ideally an umbrella!

Longer Walking Option ~ 6.5km (if not raining too much/energy is reasonable)
Gram Cafe > General Brock Park > Slocan Park (next to 29th Ave skytrain) & also a potential community space we may want to use in the future > Ravine Park (potential trail section - can avoid if too wet/muddy) > Renfrew Community Park > Beaconsfield Park > Trout Lake Park > The Tipper Restaurant

Short Walking Options 5km or less (if very wet/energy is low)
Gram Cafe > General Brock Park >
#1 Slocan Park > Duke St site > The Tipper (shortest)
#2 Trout Lake Park > Trout Lake Community Centre > Brewers Park > Tipper Restaurant for dinner.
#3 Ravine Park > Renfrew Community Centre (option of pool for kids and also board games available in library) > back to The Tipper Restaurant 

(there is also a Pizza place near Renfrew community centre - Ragazzi if folks are hungry earlier)

Buses/skytrain (Nanaimo/29th Ave) are available nearby if folks need.

RSVP to this event or to this facebook event

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions! 

Maria, member of the East Van Cohousing community